LSE South Asia Development Conference
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Message from the Conference Co-Chairs



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It is a matter of pride for us to introduce the South Asia Development Conference to you.

A unique initiative, it is poised to be the first pan regional South Asian conference to take place in the UK. This isn’t surprising. South Asia is easily the most divided region in the world today; plagued by conflict, poverty and  raging inequality. We recognise this, and we strongly believe that this can change. And this - precisely - is our motivation behind this initiative.

The South Asia Development Conference will bring prominent personalities across the region on a global platform to discuss, debate and influence the regional discourse on development. It is poised to be among the largest public conferences held at the London School of Economics and Political Science andwill combine the essence of unity in development and regional co-operation.

Most student conferences, despite being successful in gathering a crowd, fail when it comes to making a lasting impact. That is why we resolve to follow up the conference with a report which highlights the discussion and makes some possible recommendations for our leaders in South Asia. As well as that, we are happy to announce that the conference will see the launch of the world’s first Youth Development Index for South Asia developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat. So as you can see, we are determined to make sure that this conference lives beyond a single day.

Thus, it is with this spirit that we extend our invite to you and hope that you will be able to join us on 29th April, 2017 for what promises to be an engaging and impactful conference.

Warm regards,

Siddharth Sinha and Maitreya Thakur
Conference Co-Chairs