LSE South Asia Development Conference
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The LSE South Asia Development conference is a unique initiative that seeks to serve as a forum to identify, discuss and influence the development discourse in the region. Conceived and designed by the LSE SU South Asia Society, this day-long conference aims at addressing challenges that transcend the boundaries of nations in South Asia. By engaging students, academics and political stakeholders in intellectually stimulating debates, we hope to create a cross-regional channel for conversation on development. With eminent speakers from across the region, panel discussions will touch upon diverse issues ranging from economic growth to minority rights. Join us as we discuss and dissertate pressing issues of the South Asian Region



  •  Promote development as a region specific phenomenon to ensure greater cooperation between countries
  •  Identify key challenges and opportunities vis-a-vis development in South Asia
  •  Assess and advance the need for focus on development versus conflict
  •  Engage students, academics and political stakeholders in intellectually stimulating debates and discussions
  •  Facilitate knowledge exchange among all participants of the conference
  •  Create a platform for prominent academics and political stakeholders to have a meaningful discussion



About the LSE SU South Asia Society 

Envisioned to serve as a hub for students from the South Asian region consisting of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar, as well as students from the rest of the world who are interested in the South Asia region, the South Asia Society at the London School of Economics aims to create a united front that cuts across different countries, cultures, traditions, conflicts and political differences, creating a diverse group of like-minded and dynamic individuals with the ultimate aim of contributing positively to the region in various forms.

The Society not only intends to bring experienced students from the South Asia region and beyond together to discuss, debate and ideate upon development issues that plague the region but would also encourage them to work together and leverage on their LSE experience to chalk out meaningful solutions for a region which faces challenges in various forms.